Nordstrom Collab

Nordstrom has an online event where they are having a huge sale on new pieces. Ok, nice. But the video that accompanies it is super cool. They collaborated (I guess hired) some great actors, models, and trendsetters that picked their favorite pieces and they made a studio video with each one. Cool result.

Satin Everything and Then Some

There’s a thing these days with Satin. Since I saw the massive Satin laces shoes I’ve been seeing Satin everywhere.

Mad About Normcore

I love the Normcore style, or may I say Attitude. Its normality is so special in this Kim K-Musically-Attention-grabbing age. You see simplicity that is not grabbing attention and it immediately grabs you. It reminds me of simpler times, low-tech times. The best quote I saw that describes Normcore is “finding liberation in being nothing special.”. The…

Koketit Turns Women Into Fashion Illustrations

Illustrating fashion, Shira Barzilay pictures a couture angle. Her illustration brand ‘Koketit’ is a fashion pleasure. Israel born and raised Shira studied fashion design at 17 and today she’s creative director of a fashion magazine. In her free time, she illustrates for her Instagram account, turning stylish women on the go into feminine unreal fashion muses. Here…

Flowers and Fashion

Every season we look at the runways on Fashion week and see those colors and patterns. When you place these colors with nature’s colors you realize how much we are nature’s creatures. All images are from Fall 2017 Runways.

Marley Royalty

Selah Marley is only 18. Yes, 18. She is one of the six children of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley (Bob Marley’s son), which makes her royalty. By the way, her name means ‘rock’ in Hebrew. She has modeled on the runways of Kanye West, Calvin Klein, and Chanel and was the recent model for…

A Short Gray Dress

You may not know this but some parts of the world have already entered the hot days. Like my part of the world. For these warm days give me something short and soft, simple and effortless. Give me a simple short gray dress.        

The Bomber Jacket Makes The Outfit

I usually wear monochrome color clothes, black, gray, white, with the as little color as possible. However, every once in a while I buy a colorful piece and it strikes a cord. People noticed I notice, and I run with it for weeks until I’m fed up. Here are some spectacularly colorful designed bomber jackets I wouldn’t…

Wearing Alicia’s Jacket

Stop everything. Alicia Keys is doing a celebrity closet cleanup on Ebay. Everything goes to charity, that’s a good cause. But more than that – she sells amazing stuff and they are bided for LOW prices. There are currently 42 beautiful items on sale, each one special. The items are beautiful. Custom Roberto Cavalli Pink…

The Secret Ritual of Rick Owens

It turns out the talented fashion designer Rick Owens has white, curly hair. He dyes his hair and eyebrows in a ritual which he shared in a video by The New York Times, and it’s weirdly intriguing. The full video (2:12m)

Flight Attendants Fashion Galore

Up until a year ago, I was flying almost every month, with various airlines. Let’s say I explored the world. As one I become an avid critic of everything airline; from food service, to seat quality and level of service. What I have noticed is that some airlines dress their flight attendants in extremely plain uniforms…

A Lucky Lady Called Delphine

Delphine Arnault not only has the perfect last name, she is also an extremely tall, blonde, French-looking woman with an elegant first name. She is the only daughter of fashion’s number 1 mogul Bernard Arnault who owns multiple luxury brands under LVMH Group. She has been acting VP in the group since 2000. She has style,…