Mad About Normcore


I love the Normcore style, or may I say Attitude. Its normality is so special in this Kim K-Musically-Attention-grabbing age. You see simplicity that is not grabbing attention and it immediately grabs you. It reminds me of simpler times, low-tech times. The best quote I saw that describes Normcore is “finding liberation in being nothing special.”.

The series that most symbolizes Normcore style for me was ‘Mad About You’ (1992)with Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser. Their apartment was New York simple, Their clothes were New York simple and Their meals were New York simple. Everything was about just living and focusing on the everyday couple and work problems, not fashion and gimmicks.

I wanted to be Jamie Buchman (Helen Hunt). A career woman (she’s in Advertising) that wears pants and simple clothes, big bags and is always busy. Too busy to cook but yet pretty and emotional, with a lot of neurotic blowouts.

Paul and Jamie showed what are real couples like. Normal couples.

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