A Lucky Lady Called Delphine

Delphine Arnault not only has the perfect last name, she is also an extremely tall, blonde, French-looking woman with an elegant first name. She is the only daughter of fashion’s number 1 mogul Bernard Arnault who owns multiple luxury brands under LVMH Group. She has been acting VP in the group since 2000.

She has style, big time. Strutting her long figure in classic elegant pieces that probably cost more than my yearly salary each. It’s no wonder she’s glamor.

delphine-arnault--linstinct-de-modeDelphine+Arnault+Front+Row+Louis+Vuitton+CJ5JI6ZBuT4lharpers-bazaar-malaysia-delphine-arnault-gettyimages-4576762009d6ca94966aaabae247ac701d02d655ddelphine-arnault (1)Delphine_Arnault_Louis_Vuitton_Outside_ArrivalsDelphine+Arnault+Celebrities+Dior+Fashion+4jBjL-85BR-l1165296-delphine-arnault-dior-presente-sa-950x0-1delphine-arnault01

Look how tall…!

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