I’m Into a Kick-Ass BackPack That Can Carry Everything and Look Good Doing It.

I’ve been using only backpacks for many years, no matter how high-end is the occasion. Shoulder bags are not for me when it comes to holding a laptop and above. So as one I’ve been on the hunt for good functionality<>looks balance for a long while now.

I’m fed up with ‘everybody’s’ backpack Herschel Supply Co. or the heavily official TOMS.

Lately, I’ve purchased a backpack at Zara Men (Yes, it’s terrible that men get to have the better designs). It has sufficient storing space, robust structure, and slick monochrome colors. However, I ran into this cool Kickstarter campaign today and got jitters all over this bag – ClickPack Pro by Korin Design. Not only it has all the storing space a person can wish for, it is also anti-cut, anti-theft, anti-water, anti-electrode and any other anti-something you wish for. It’s minimalist figure and uber-functionality got me good.




This is my currently super-cool (in my opinion) Zara Men work backpack – BEIGE BACKPACK FOR 13″ LAPTOP:


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