I Want To Love What I Do

I’m writing this post because I think things should change. I need to build my own business, and it needs to start now. I have been a marketer for so long, more than 15 years, working as an employee in several companies and have been independent for a year now. I like what I do but not LOVE what I do, and I really want to make an effort to have that.

I want to sell products, actual products, and ones that are on the lifestyle side. One is Clothing; I have been sewing a while back, just as a hobby, and mainly for me. My sewing comprised of cutting Burda patterns and making myself the simplest shirts in plain colors. However, they had very cool fabrics that do not stretch on the body, therefore, giving my “woman figure” a break, yet keeping it attractive. Let’s call it comfortable-sexy. So my thoughts are making the pattern and sewing it in bulk, professionally through a seamstress. The second one is Bags, specifically Backpacks; I really think there’s a lack of elegant, yet functional business bags for women. Women don’t need to walk around with bags on the side, it’s uncomfortable. It’s old school. I’d like to bring inexpensive backpacks in monochromatic colors that enable women to run their world comfortably with everything they need throughout the day. Laptop, multiple compartments in and out with zippers so nothing will fall and no danger of stealing, sleek fabrics and calm colors (black is calm) and comfortable straps. All of this in a price that any woman can digest.

Now need to figure out the market need, market potential and the next steps to making this possible.

If market potential and need will be close to zero, I’ll need to pivot to something else, which is good, especially if it will be at such early stage.

Looking forward to going over these in my next post.

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