Alt The Model Parisian

It may not come as a surprise that Editor-in-Chiefs of fashion magazines around the globe are some kind of a style wizards. No surprise here.

Their look is above fashion trends, and it is more of a story they tell of themselves.

There comes Mrs.Emmanuelle Alt, Editor in Chief of French Vogue.

Alt (what a name, right?) is the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue since 2011 and she is an everything a Parisian woman is supposed to be. She has a perfect street style that says effortless minimalism and stays true to her little make-up regime and natural brown hair. She is known for not wearing dresses. Always pants and always clean cut plain colors. In a 2014 interview, she was quoted saying “”I have always been quite boyish. I used to wear some skirts in the past but I was always looking for simplicity, now it’s only trousers or jeans”.


Emmanuelle Alt at Giambattista Valli



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