If anything proves that good mood leads to success it’s this video from 2012. Michelle Jenneke, an Australian racer dances, and smiles in the sweetest and contagious way. This happy dance was followed by a light-footed run that won her the race. Good mood was key?

It was already established through numerous studies that happiness leads to success. Why?
For example:

  • Happy people talk more to others
  • Happy people are more creative and open minded
  • People in a good mood tend to feel less pain and perceive themselves healthier
  • Happy people tend to help others
    You get the point.

I also think that when you are in a positive state of mind you see your goal in a positive way and believe that it is possible to accomplish. Happy people are probably more likely to believe in themselves.

When I searched the web for studies on how to be happy, it usually had these factors:

  • Choose happiness
  • Choose gratitude
  • Choose forgiveness
  • Foster good friendships
  • Engage in meaningful activities

And my two cents:

  • Seek help if you can’t challenge your bad emotions
  • Exercise (some advantaged are well known and established) –
    • Physically active people may feel a sense of accomplishment in meeting goals
    • It helps you sleep better
    • It mimics the effects of antidepressants on the brain and also responsible for the creation of new brain cells in the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory

Be happy, like and comment! would love to continue the conversation.


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