White Linens and Hotel Memories

I used to travel, a lot. That was until a few months ago when I left my executive position. I have traveled only to Amsterdam with my friend since then and I realized how many things I miss about traveling.

Most of all I miss the hotel rooms. I love entering a new, clean, hotel room, that’s why I never book the same hotel.

The best thing about a hotel room is THE BED. The white linen to be specific.

Why I think white linen are a must at home?

  1. It reminds me of hotel rooms
  2. It always looks fresh and clean
  3. It brightens a room
  4. Looking into your partners eyes under a white linen is romantic
  5. It’s a neutral color that integrates with any room design and color

I understand white linen and small kids/any pet don’t go so well together. But hey, a girl could dream.


White is bright.



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