I’m a Young at Heart Person

I look at women around me and it seems like they have all grown into their late 30s. Not with ease but with brevity. They are confidant and aware of the fact that they do not need to give  a F#@$% about anything except their family and friends.

I, however, still feel in my twenties (I’m 37). I’m looking for what I want to do next in life. I still  go to rock concerts, I use social media all the time, I read what’s cool and try to stay up to date, I love gadgets and I just feel young, generally, don’t know how to specify it into words.

I don’t mind reaching 40. It seems fun to me to be older and be actually younger.

Actually, in a research done by University Collage London on more than 6,000 individuals it was stated that people that feel younger then their chronological age have a lower mortality rate, they live longer. So it’s a good thing, and all of us young at heart will have a chance to tango at the elders home when we’re 90.

One of the worst things about being a woman that feels old is the fashion that she adopts. Oh dear, it’s a slippery slope; colors, shapes and fabrics get completely shattered by the mom effect.

I beg of you – stay young. It doesn’t mean to dress like a teenager, but don’t adopt these:

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