Painting on Scarfs

Christina W.Wang is a painter. You’ll visit her website and you’ll find, well, paintings. But, she wanted to reach an actual mass market, be in more people’s hands and have a commercial scale ability. Then, she thought of scarfs, why not really? It’s size-free, it’s a great gift and people can combine it with anything and anytime.

Christina started working on her own scarfs line, playing on the combination between a premium silk materials and an every-day regular, non-royal objects like food, cooking ingredients, hair products and favorite shoes.

In a short while retailer caught up with her and she’s starting to venture her scarfs to premium retail stores in Hong Kong and New York.

Her scarfs are not cheap ($175-$225). In fact they are damn expensive, but manufacturing not in massive scale will do that.

chocolate fudge cake
f/w produce
blonde asian

Source: Fashionista

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