Takes a Remarkable Man

Sam Gross is a remarkable cartoonist, working with The New Yorker for many years.

I just love these two images, one is from 1983, showing father and son (cows) standing on ground looking at the mooning looking at the mother cow jumping over the moon when the father says “Son, your mother is a remarkable woman”. Showing how a partner parent should be, not intimidated by his woman partner success and achievement but at awe by it.


In the next one, created 1993 Gross shows how the world have changed, showing the same father and son, not all grown, looking at the moon seeing many cows jumping over it saying “I guess it’s no big deal anymore”. This shows how woman’s striving to achieve their goals outside the house are becoming acceptable and admired.


I believe no matter when, in 1983, 1993 or 2015, it takes a remarkable man to appreciate the achievements and efforts of a career woman and not being intimidated by it.

More on Sam Gross 

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