That Vintage Living Room Credenza

Three times I had the chance to have a vintage living room credenza in my home, and three times I didn’t take that chance. Now I regret it. My grandmother once offered when she moved, my parents offered when they moved, and my friend Liora offered when she moved to Canada.

Back then I thought it looks outdated and unmodern. but actually, it gives the living room a personal note, a warm feeling that down to earth people live here, that you are part of a heritage.

Here are some living rooms that didn’t say no to the old:

Home of Marko Brajovic, Architect,
Sao Paulo
Home of Pepe Islas – Entrepreneur
Mexico City
Home of Gayle Chong Kwan Artist,
Leytonstone, London
Home of Pia Dehne, Artist,
Catskills, New York
Home of Nela König Fotografin, Berlin-Mitte
Home of Nela König
Fotografin, Berlin-Mitte
Home of Dorothee Schumacher, Designer,
Mannheim, Germany

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